Good news, basics. We now live in a country that comfortably boasts of a cosmopolitan population. Dublin may have been in the gutter, but we’re most definitely looking at the stars. We’ve sessioned through the recession and things are looking up. What’s more, people from other countries actually want to live here now. So those who had fecked off to the wonderful lands of Aus, NZ and Canada will come back to a Dublin that’s rich in culture.

In the last published census report, it showed that almost 550,000 non-Irish nationals (12% of the resident population) from 199 different nations were living here.

And that can only mean one thing for our LuvGuruers: more dates to choose from.

So how does one date someone from another country?  Well, we’ve taken the liberty of asking some of our exotic Luvguru users to tell us the main do’s and dont’s when trying to charm a lova from anotha land.




Let’s get real, if you’ve managed to bag a Brazillian babe five years younger with an MA in data analytics, chances are, you’re already punching above your weight. The “ha…hope you’re not just after me passport ;)” joke has never and will never be funny. Presumably, a visa student who only has eight months to live it up on the Emerald Isle before renewing their visa or jumping ship is way less concerned about strings than you are. Also, FYI, as long as they’re studying, they can live it up in Dub for as long as 8 years. So, your Eire passport means sweet FA to them, and any passport jokes, sarcastic or otherwise, will only make you look like an uneducated ass.


It’s a well-known fact that nerves can trump a person’s ability to speak in their second language. Thankfully, Irish people use drink as the cure for everything. And this doesn’t have to stop at dates. F your coffee or burrito and get straight to the good stuff. If they’re ‘not much of a drinker’, then lure them in with something alcoholically cultured, like the Teelings Whiskey Museum that offers student discounts and a couple of shots of the good stuff, while boasting tales of Ireland’s finest breweries. They’ll also learn how to say whiskey as Gaeilge. Sure, what else would you need to know?




Unless you know how to explain what the present perfect continuous or what an adverbial phrase is, chances are your date knows more about English grammar than you. Stamp 2 visa students attend at least 15 hours of English classes a week. Although your date could be fluent, some mistakes are ingrained and might creep up with, say, the pressure of a first date. And just because you’ve done a no-contact 30 hour tefl four years ago, now is not the time to get some teaching practice in. Sit down, foo’



Diceys to foreign students is like Coppers to horny Gardaí. Yes, they boast of 2 euro watered-down brewskies and a no-shame shifting policy. But now’s your chance to exercise those tourguide skills. After all, it’s only when dating a foreigner that you may realise how little we actually know about our fine city. For example, who the feck is Stephen of St. Stephen’s Green? What do we use the Mansion house on Dawson St for, and does the Mayor actually live there? How many pints of the black stuff are poured aorund the world a day? (10 mill, baby)


So, go find yourself an exotic lover to sweep off their feet, and remember to tell us about your success, or disaster stories 😉 We’re rootin’ for you!

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