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Luvguru allows you to play cupid in your community. Whether you're single or in a relationship you can meddle in your friend’s love life and get rewarded for being a successful matchmaker. Essentially, Luvguru is a matchmaking and dating platform that allows users to find “True love” by placing the onus on their closest network. Relax and let your mates swipe for you!
Go to Be a Matchmaker

Be a Matchmaker

Have you ever wanted to meddle in your mate’s love life? well we have created the tech version of cupid’s bow and arrow. Whether you are in a relationship or single you can be a matchmaker in your community. Get in on all the swiping action and help ignite some sparks using your new found Guru powers.

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Get Crowdsourced dates

What the heck does that mean??? well Luvguru taps into the power of the crowd to get you quality dates. We don’t use fancy algorithms to try and spark a little romance like somekind of cupid Robocop. No, we let your friends and neighbours hook you up. The more times you are matched with someone the higher we rate them for you. It’s called swarm intelligence and it’s basically unstoppable, like Batman on Four Loko. Also, if they come recommended from a buddy, there’s a better chance they won’t be an axe wielding maniac, yay!

Go to Love is a Game

Love is a Game

Not only do you get to be a matchmaker you also get rewarded for being a good one. If you make a match and the two love birds start chatting within the app well then hot diggity. You’ve gone and earned yourself a karma point. The more you gain, the higher you will rise in the Luvguru rankings. The goal is to become the ultimate Luvguru. We will have prizes for the best Gurus and we are not ruling out the possibility of those prizes being llamas.

Go to We’re no strangers to love

We’re no strangers to love

You know the rules and so do I. A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of, you wouldn’t get this from any other guy. I… just wanna tell you how I’m feeling, gotta make you understand. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

About Us

Liam and Louisamay hail from the home of matchmaking in Ireland, County Clare. Each year, the Lisdoonvarna match-making festival welcomes 1,000s of hopeful love-seekers to the small town in West Clare. Liam had always been keen to pursue a career as a matchmaker but then came up with the novel idea of creating a platform where anyone could play cupid.

We have ran through several design iterations and have pushed our app through iOS and Android development. Luvguru is now available on both App and Play Stores. We have launched our matchmaking app in Dublin with great success, We have been featured by the likes of Lovin Dublin and The Times. We are planning to role out the app globally over the next few months

Almost all of us have a desire to play cupid. To meddle in other people's love life. We also know the importance of having your dates hand picked for you. Referrals always have a higher success rate. We see referral systems in sales and in job hunting used to great effect. Luvguru merely capitalises on this premise in a match-making environment. Most dating app companies focus on matching via computer algorithm and/or users choice, none have tapped into the power of the crowd which is what makes Luvguru so powerful and effective. We participated in NDRC Launchpad, a digital accelerator for early stage startups. We also received the Competitive Start Fund from Enterprise Ireland.

Our Team

Catapulted from obscurity and oozing passion from every orifice, our team of tech gurus and go-getters plan to shake the very foundations of how couples meet. We also like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Louisamay Hanrahan

Chief Operations Officer
For most of her adult life, Louisamay has been engulfed in the world of tech startups. Her resume includes Web Summit, Deliveroo, Venture Beat & Patreon, offering a wealth of experience for LuvGuru.

Niamh McCabe

Lead Product Designer
Niamh is a Visual Communication Design graduate of the Institute of Art, Design and Technology. She has worked as a designer for many startups and established businesses, such as Intercom. Niamh will be making our UI and product look and feel fabulous.

Sam Boles

Lead Developer
Sam is a Software Architect and polyglot. He has won multiple software development awards. Worked in Amazon’s infrastructure. And he has been writing code since eight years of age!!

Cara Steinberg

Front-End Developer
Cara is our amazing front-end developer from New York. She is currently studying Computer Science in Institute of Technology, and spending a semester in Dublin working with us.

Liam Grant

Chief Executive Officer
Liam is an entrepreneur and a radical surfer hailing from the rugged west coast of Ireland. He is head of product design and the banter brigade. He is also captain of the Irish Frisbee team!


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